Massage Therapist

Boca Raton, FL

What we are looking for

REDCON1, the fastest growing sports nutrition brand in history. Our mission is to provide healthy solutions to everyone, globally. REDCON1 Recovery offers cutting-edge recovery, rejuvenation, and wellness. Offering world-class physical therapy, premium IV therapy, whole body cryotherapy, professional massage, cosmetic injectables, and more. REDCON1 Recovery is seeking a motivated licensed massage therapist. The ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit and is excited to contribute to the growth of the store. REDCON1 Recovery’s unique premium gym location is the future of health/wellness creating a one-stop location to take care of all your healthcare needs. We are efficient, fun, and social. We educate and provide information in a completely transparent manner so that you can manage your wellness better. Our goal is to help thousands of customers achieve their goals around sports performance, pain management, recovery, beauty, and overall wellness. At least one year of clinical experience as a licensed massage therapist is preferred along with being a mature and caring professional with the appropriate presentation, outgoing friendly personality, and excellent communication skills. Other skills required will be efficient time management, working well with coworkers, the drive to want to advance within the company, the ability to educate patients on a healthy lifestyle, and professionalism.




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